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Top Romantic Spots in Austin

Top Romantic Spots in Austin

While it may not have the reputation and notoriety of Paris or Venice, Austin is a fantastic city to be in love in thanks to its intimate restaurants, scenic overlooks, and beautiful weather. This makes impromptu picnics or bike rides with your loved one a weekly occurrence. Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship, or looking for romance, Austin is flush with romantic spots and attractions perfect for Valentine’s Day and any other day of the year. No matter how long you’ve lived in Austin, there’s an inherent feeling of love from all corners of the city thanks to the people but also to the number of spots all over town that act as the perfect backdrop for a romantic day or night out. You just have to know where to look.

From sipping drinks in one of the city’s speakeasies to paddle boarding on the lake and learning to two-step at the Broken Spoke, there’s something about this city that inspires love. It’s no wonder a 2017 poll from NBC News had Austin ranked as the sixth best city in the United States for single people looking to fall in love. The fact is, Austin is much more fun when you can enjoy all it has to offer alongside someone else. So whether you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day spot or a place for date night, here are some of the most romantic places Austin has to offer.

Scenic Views at Mount Bonnell

You don’t have to be in Austin long before hearing about Mount Bonnell (3800 Mt. Bonnell Rd.), and for a good reason. With its beautiful panoramic views of the city overlooking Lake Austin, it’s one of the oldest tourist attractions in town and the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset with that special someone.

After a short hike—don’t worry, there are stairs and you don’t need hiking boots—you’ll find a breathtaking vantage point with the Hill Country to the west and the Austin skyline to the southeast that’s sure to inspire romantic feelings. While you most definitely won’t be alone, there’s plenty of room for you and your loved one to hide away and sit and enjoy the scenic overlook. You can even bring dinner and have a picnic at the highest point in Austin. If cooking isn’t your thing, stop at Central Market or any other nearby restaurant to grab food and a bottle of wine to go.

Lovebird Mural Tour

Among the extensive collection of street art peppered throughout the city are many romantic and sentimental murals that act as the perfect backdrop for you and your loved ones Valentine’s Day or date night selfie. From locals to tourists it’s hard to miss these now iconic pieces of Austin street art meant to inspire and spread love to everyone who stops to view them.

Some of the most popular murals for couples of all ages every day of the year include:

“I love you so much” – Located on the north-facing wall of Jo’s Coffee on South Congress (1300 S. Congress), this is by far the most well known and most visited romantic mural in town. Originally painted as a spontaneous love letter to the owner of Jo’s Coffee from her then-girlfriend, it has become a beacon of love and romantic backdrop for countless engagement photos, proposals, and selfies.

“You’re My Butter Half” – Located on the United Way for Greater Austin Building (2000 E MLK Blvd) this is another popular and cute photo opportunity that is sure to put a smile on you and your partner’s face.

“Till Death Do Us Part” – This one has multiple locations (one at E. 7th and Waller and the other downtown on the side of the Mexic-Arte Museum) and is a hauntingly beautiful creation of those marriage vows we’ve all heard or said.

Start at the “I love you so much” mural, grab a coffee at Jo’s for the caffeine boost and see how many you can visit and take photos in front of for a different and adventurous date.

Sunset at 360 Bridge

If Mount Bonnell seems a little too touristy or crowded, you and your loved one can take in the beautiful Austin sunset atop a bluff overlooking Lake Austin and the Pennybacker Bridge. The views here at sunset are incredible and produce some “hashtag no filter” photos that are sure to impress anyone.

While it’s still only a 10-minute hike, it’s a bit more adventurous and rocky than Mount Bonnell, so we recommend wearing comfortable and sturdy shoes. To get to it, head south on Loop 360, and just before you reach the Pennybacker Bridge, you’ll see cars parked in the gravel area on the northwest side of the bridge and an unofficial trail leading to the top.

Romantic Restaurants and Bars

There’s no shortage of fantastic restaurants in Austin for every type of cuisine imaginable, but there are some that stand out when it comes to romance and having a special night with your spouse or significant other. At Domain Realty we love:

Justine’s Brasserie – Inspired by France and of course the “City of Love,” Justine’s is the perfect place for delicious food while sitting across from your loved one. Complete with red walls, flickering candles, and music from a record player, you almost forget you’re not along the banks of the Seine.

Uchi or Uchiko – Considered by many as the best restaurants in town, either place offers the best sushi and modern Japanese cuisine that’s sure to impress a first date or celebrate an anniversary.

Vespaio – No list of romantic restaurants is complete without a small, casual Italian place. Located on South Congress, Vespaio has a cozy atmosphere with an extensive wine list and delicious traditional Italian dishes to split with that special someone.

At Domain Realty, we want you and your loved one to fall in love with our city the way we have. Whether you’re looking for a new house or your first one in Austin, we take pride in helping couples find the perfect place to call home so they can enjoy these romantic spots for years to come. Call us today at (512) 872-4211 and speak with an Austin real estate professional.