Have you purchased or sold a property through Domain Realty, Inc. or have you obtained financing through our affiliate, Great Hills Lending Group? If so, then you are aware of our quality service, sound advice, and 100% dedication to customer satisfaction. That is why we are pleased to extend to you, our Investor Client, the exclusive service of Domain Property Management.

With Domain Property Management, leasing, tenant screening, maintenance and repairs, monthly statements, year-end statements, online payments, and electronic transfer of funds are made seamlessly accessible. We know that property management can be a major pain, so let us help save you time for investment elsewhere. You’ve come to the right place!

What are the Benefits of Using a Property Management Firm?

Property management can be extremely challenging even for a seasoned real estate investor. Why deal with time-consuming paperwork, tenant problems, and costly repairs if you can avoid it? Live and invest where you want without having to be near your rental properties. Once you have found a property management firm you can trust, it doesn’t matter if you live in the same state or even the same country. You can simply collect your check each month without having to see your property. Spend time with family and friends doing things you enjoy or focusing on other areas of investment.

Having a Property Management Firm on your Side is a Huge Asset

Higher quality of tenant: A reputable, experienced property management firm has seen thousands of applications and can quickly discover warning signs and shield you from rental scams directed at property owners. A property management firm can help you find tenants that pay their rent on time, rent their property for longer periods of time, and put less wear and tear on a unit.

Tighter rent collection process: The difference between success and failure as a landlord is the way you handle rent collection and late payments. Consistent cash flow is everything. A property management firm will help your tenants understand that on-time rent payments are non-negotiable.

Dealing with fewer time-consuming legal problems: State eviction laws are often very strict and improper knowledge of them can leave you open to a potential lawsuit. A good property management firm keeps their landlord-tenant law knowledge current, has an established process that gets you the best possible outcome, and keeps you from losing sleep over tenant eviction. Property management firms also save you from having to deal with middle-of-the-night emergencies, tenant property damage, and unresponsive vendors.

Lower repair costs and regular maintenance: Hiring a property management firm means getting access to their in-house maintenance staff and working with licensed, bonded contractors that have already been inspected for good pricing and high-quality work. This saves you the trouble of having to look for your own handyperson, and the firm usually gets volume discounts and supervise their work.

Increased value of investment: Professional property managers put systems in place that spot and handle maintenance and repair issues early on before they grow into larger, more expensive problems. This involves a written maintenance check program, detailed maintenance documentation and regular maintenance visits. The management firm can also offer suggestions and feedback on upgrades and modifications, this may affect the rent you can charge, as well as their impact on maintenance and insurance. Regular maintenance and repairs keep your tenants happy and preserve the value of your investment.

Tax assistance: Property management firm fees are deductible, and they can help you figure out what other deductions you can claim. They get you the forms and documentation you need to make those claims.

Questions You Should Ask a Property Manager

  1. What is the distance between their office and your property?
  2. What are their office hours and are they open on weekends?
  3. How many years have they been in business?
  4. How many years have they managed your type of real estate?
  5. How many properties do they manage?
  6. Are they licensed and do they possess special certifications?
  7. What types of services do they provide?
  8. What is the length of their average client relationship?
  9. How many people do they have on staff on what is the average staff turnover rate?
  10. What are their estimated property management fees and what type of fees will you be expected to pay?
  11. How do they handle major tasks like tenant screening, tenant marketing, rent collection, and maintenance?

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Why Choose Us?

At Great Hills Lending Group, 100% of our business is referral based.  This means providing you the best service with great loan programs to meet your needs is our primary focus.  Our goal is to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and integrity without compromising great rates, on-time delivery, personal care, and professionalism.  Our business depends on your success and your referrals. At Domain Realty, Inc. we work to provide unrivaled service by fostering genuine, life-long business relationships.

We believe these relationships are founded upon the principles of:

Trust: Not only are we incredibly knowledgeable and thorough when it comes to our work, we look out for your interests and promptly address any concerns you may have.

Integrity: We care about the work we do and the impact we have on our clients.

Results: Our business is highly referred. Check out our many satisfied customers describing our accomplishments in the testimonials section.

When you work with Domain Realty, Inc. you will enjoy the satisfaction and convenience of having all your real estate needs met with one company. By streamlining your real estate experience, we can save you time and money while helping you grow as an investor. Here at Domain Realty, Inc., we consider your success our own — thus, we can confidently assure an unparalleled level of attention to your property management needs. Speak with a Domain Property Management agent today at (512) 872-4211 or visit our website at